Frequently Asked Questions


Why are the rules so complicated?

Actually, they’re not! Focus on the Quick Start Rules, 10 simples steps, on the front of the instructions.  The inside simply expands on each of these 10 steps, so as you play and experience things, the details will make sense.  Until then, stick to the Quick Start Rules and have fun!


What’s the easiest way to come up with words?

The best way is to back into it.  Think of your favorite artist, then a song he/she sings, then a word from that song. The trigger word doesn’t need to be in the chorus either; just anywhere in the lyrics.  Once you play a couple rounds, it gets much easier, and new trigger words will start to pop into your head.


When do you roll the dice and move?

It’s important to remember, the only person who rolls the dice and advances on the board, is the person who won the last round, by being the first one to burst into a tune.  


Why aren’t trigger words provided?

Trigger words are not provided because we don’t want the game to get old.  Get creative! New music is always coming out, and we are constantly learning new lyrics.  By coming up with our own words, it encourages creativity, and no two games will be the same!


What’s the ideal number of players?

The minimum number of players is 4, but the more players, the merrier!  Playing in teams is always a fun way to play too!


How long does it take to play a game?

Most games play for about 30-45 minutes.


Can children under 8 play the game?

Depending on their knowledge of music, some children under 8 are able to play.  It may be best to start them out with an adult partner, though That being said, we have seen some 6 years olds beat adults!


Do you have to be a good singer to play this game?

Absolutely not! Sing it or shout it...talent NOT required!


What types of songs/genres are in this game?

Players come up with their own words so the game crosses all genres of music. Since one word can be in hundreds of songs, the game can be played with children, young adults, parents, grandparents…all together!


How do you win the game?

The 1st player to reach Finish and successfully complete the Spontuneous Challenge wins the game!  It’s designed to keep one person from running away with a win, without a challenge! Once 2 people reach finish, it turns into a sudden death.


Is there an app for Spontuneous?

One of our primary goals is for family & friends to interact and engage with each other, to laugh together and to reminisce over music.  We have thought extensively about creating an app, and decided to at one point. However, after several years of exploratory meetings, we now realize it’s not a good match with our values.  We recognize the damage our addiction to electronic devices has caused, and we would rather stay true to our message. Unplug and interact with each other!